Plant Health Care

We offer soil testing, disease control, and organic plant health care.

At Barr Lawn & Landscape, we offer plant health care services that keep your landscape plants growing healthy and strong. By providing targeted, custom care for your yard, we can ensure that your plants add beauty and value to your landscape.

Custom Organic Treatments

Landscape Design

We specialize in an organic-based program that remedies deficiencies in the soil, rather than generic one-size-fits-all treatments by other companies. Instead, our soil care program relies on soil tests to identify the current deficiencies of your soil.

Our treatments focus on correcting these problems so your plants can grow naturally. The benefits of this program includes improved drought tolerance, more vibrant flowers, and fewer insect and disease problems.

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Soil Care

Soil Analysis

Prescription Soil Analysis

We use an independent lab that specializes in horticultural testing developed specifically for the landscape industry. The information and recommendations they provide enables us to restore the natural vitality and productivity of your soils resulting in healthier plants which are better able to resist many insect and disease problems.

Soil Care Program

A program designed to improve soil health. We use several different natural organic based materials including soil conditioners, organic matter, and a Bio-Tea that contains beneficial soil biology.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

A soil-injected, premium, organic-based fertilizer providing balanced nutrition, soil conditioners, humates and biological support.

Insect and Disease Management

Landscape Installation

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Planned visits to monitor plant health using an environmentally-friendly approach. The goal is to improve plant health and address pest problems.

Emerald Ash Borer and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

These are both invasive pests that can cause severe decline in tree health here in Lebanon County. Treatment options are available to control these insects and protect your plants.

Targeted Pest Problems

Control of specific insect and disease problems using spray applications or systemic injections.

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