Landscape Design & Maintenance

We design, install, and maintain custom landscape projects.

Since 1990, Barr Lawn and Landscape has been offering professional landscaping design, installation, and maintenance services to our Lebanon County neighbors. Our team of landscape design professionals can craft and cultivate a custom landscape for your home.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Does your property need a backyard upgrade? Would you like to add your favorite trees and plants to your yard? Do you want to improve the privacy and comfort of your backyard?

A custom landscape renovation can invigorate your property, adding curb appeal, beauty, and colors to your landscaping. We can remove old or overgrown plants, add flower beds, and plant beautiful shrubs and trees that will provide color and shade throughout the seasons.

Our landscape design process is tailored to meet your goals, needs, and your property’s unique makeup. Our design consultant will meet with you at your home, listen to your wishes and preferences, and create a design that will transform your property.

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Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation

Once we come up with a landscape design that you love, our professional landscapers will install your new landscaping. This may include removing old trees and plants, creating new flower beds, adding nutrient-rich soil or sod, picking and planting new trees and flowers, and laying a covering of mulch to provide a nice, clean appearance.

Landscape Maintenance

Once you have your dream landscape, have it professionally maintained by our landscape staff. That way, you can protect your investment and keep your plants and landscaping well groomed and healthy.

Our maintenance programs are adaptable to your wishes and your property’s needs. Typical maintenance packages include spring cleanup, mulching, annual flower bed planting, mowing, and fall leaf cleanup.



We offer professional landscape maintenance services in Lebanon County, including mowing, trimming, and edging. Let our pros handle your lawn and keep it looking its best all season long.

Trees shrubs

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Throughout the year we offer seasonal pruning, trimming, and care for your plants and shrubs. We can clear brush, cleanup storm damage, and provide targeted care for your soil and plants.

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